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Taking his talents to South Beach

Friday, July 9th, 2010

Last night, I heard what everyone else did. But before writing, I decided to sleep on things. Although writing my final submission in a state of semi-coherent alcoholic rage would surely have proven entertaining, I feared I would write something I would regret. Or at minimum, something trite.

The anger. The betrayal. The ego-driven, weeklong circus. Even Gilbert’s bitter letter. These are all angles, albeit valid ones, that have been covered ad nauseam. In effort to go out on an insightful note, I asked myself, “What hasn’t been said?” Then, somewhere between shaving my Beard for Bron and discarding the bobbleheads in my cubicle, it hit me. LeBron James is not a Clevelander.

He never was. And no. I’m not drawing a geographical line between Cleveland and Akron. I consider everyone in northeastern Ohio to be a Clevelander. Well, not everyone. You see, there’s a certain breed of people. A psyche. A character trait (or flaw, I would argue) that causes one to never fully-embrace his/her surroundings. To never live in the now. To always look to the future, move about, and dream distorted dreams of what’s next. These people never truly have a home.

They’re called vessels. And they’re as real as you and me, only they’re empty inside. Walking around, living life, just going with the flow. Their decisions are based not upon morals, ethics, or even rational thought. Rather, their choices are made for them by the current. Trends. The status quo. The opinions of everyone but themselves.

You’ve met them. They’re the Hollywood elite preaching about global issues after reading one article. They’re the 30-something guys at your office who spit out timely slang terms like “sick”, “cougar”, and “Don’t taze me, bro.” They’re the kids you went to high school with, who wore ball caps and jerseys supporting not local sports teams, but the faraway teams with more money and success. Sound familiar?

LeBron James is a vessel. A shell of a man who can’t offer the world much besides flashy slam-dunks. His heart, maturity, and well-spoken manner had us mesmerized. Sadly, each was an illusion manufactured by a very talented PR team.

If you believe the hype that at the end of the day, this was ultimately LeBron’s decision, then you’re as foolish as I was last night around 9:29, when I believed against my better judgment that a guy like LeBron would ultimately do the right thing. In reality, “The Decision” was made by Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, Pat Riley, and all the St. Vincent St. Mary parasites that surround LeBron. It was made in the name of partying at that one club from Scarface, rather than doing right by one’s hometown.

LeBron James doesn’t get it, and never will. How could he? A man can’t understand the pain and suffering Cleveland fans have endured when he’s never attached himself to Cleveland sports. Nor can he reap the benefits of such disappointment (modesty, thick skin, character) when hasn’t emotionally invested himself into anything. LeBron had the opportunity to do something great and unprecedented in the city of Cleveland. Instead, he chose to do something ordinary that in the end will hurt the sport of basketball.

But you can’t blame him. No. This really wasn’t his choice. LeBron James is a vessel. And that ship has sailed.